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CTN UK is committed to the success of your events!

Based in Birmingham and Dartford in South London, CTN UK covers the whole of the United Kingdom with a wide range of event decoration solutions, and an installation service, for all events.

An offer of 12,000 decoration solutions, customizable, available quickly!

CTN UK’s event decoration solutions adapt to all types of events. For example, for sports competitions, CTN UK offers a 100% recyclable carpet that can be used to decorate the reception areas and the surroundings of the stadium. This is the case for the London Marathon or the Arena Games.
We adapt to your brand image and your needs, such as during the Titanic exhibition where our flooring gave the illusion of a flooded floor.

Our product and service offering:

1. A very wide offer

With more than 12,000 references in stock and on order, we are delighted to support you on your most demanding projects. It starts with listening and understanding your needs, to respond to them as closely as possible and for all types of events.

2. A customizable offer

Our workshops and cutting, finishing and printing services allow us to respond to the most demanding projects. Entrust us with your projects and we will be happy to support you with tailor-made solutions.

3. An offer available immediately

At CTN, we know that after the event…it’s no longer the event…Our know-how is to respond to your express requests, thanks to our integrated logistics, and our team committed to the success of your events.

4. A post-event recyclable offer

87% of our products are recyclable, and we are working to increase this proportion. In order to recycle materials more easily at the end of events, we have also developed our CTN Recycling service, and we are committed to taking back all recyclable materials (fabrics, felt, recyclable carpets) at the end of events, for value.

Our culture is a pillar of our success

At CTN, we share values that drive and unite us every day. It is also what gives meaning to our action. We are moving in the same direction, sharing our objectives and our strategy, but above all our values.

The passion for customers

Our priority is the service to our customers, and we do everything we can to deliver on promise.


Tailor-made is our DNA. The 12,000 solutions in our offer are customizable, in terms of formats, finishing or custom printing.

The team

Advice, commitment and expertise, you can count on our dedicated and specialized teams on our four different markets.

A reliable partner

Your success is our success, we support you throughout your projects, from design to implementation and we are there for you.

Invent, simplify, solve

The CTN Group is constantly innovating to provide a solution to each event, building site, or particular case. Finding a solution for you is our DNA!

Focus on action

In the CTN Group, we favour action and concrete results. We are pragmatic and present on the ground. It is our trademark.

Some examples of our achievements

Circuit de Sylverstone F1 – Pesa F1 Team - moquette Regency
Décoration pour mariage – moquette Windsor
Festival de jeux vidéo « Insomnia ». Fourniture et pose de moquette Regency.
Arena games de Londres – fourniture et pose de moquette Sovereign

Would you like to discover our corporate culture?

The CTN Group puts its expertise at your service for the success of your events, your building sites, your space designs, and for the visual merchandising of your point of sales.

Discover our companies, their expertise, and their solutions:

CTN France - Events

Based in Orly, CTN France distributes more than 12,000 ephemeral, customizable decoration solutions, throughout France and in 40 countries, for all types of events.
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CTN Benelux - Events

Based in Kortrijk, CTN Benelux is a recognized expert in its market, with more than 20 years of know-how and expertise with its customers, and offers a wide range of customizable solutions for all events.
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Bâches de France – Textile architecture

Manufacturer of technical tarpaulins and protective nets for site protection, textile architecture, covers and biomass power plants.
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Like Mirror – Interior design

Manufacturer of ultra-light large-format mirrors for interior design, events, and the world of entertainment.
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Hans Boodt Mannequins – Visual Merchandising

Creator of tailor-made mannequins and busts, for fashion and ready-to-wear professionals.
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