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The CTN Group offers its expertise to all professionals from the event industry, the building sectors, architects, space designers and visual merchandisers in the fashion industry.

The CTN Group manufactures and distributes decoration solutions, building site protections, interior design, mannequins, in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.
The CTN Group is a specialist in custom design and manufacturing, and thanks to its internal design offices, to its manufacturing and printing workshops and to a range of more than 12,000 customizable decoration solutions, we are able to meet most of the specific demands on our 4 markets.

Our history

In 1975, the company CTN for “Création Techniques Nouvelles” was created in Issy-les-Moulineaux, close to the Paris Exposition Center. Over time and its development, the small company has grown up and has today become a European group, diversified in the manufacture and distribution of decorative solutions, textile covers, light mirrors and window mannequins. Since its creation, the CTN Group has been constantly innovating and adapting its offer and services to meet the needs of all sizes companies in the event sector, construction sites, interior design and fashion retailers. Find the milestones that have marked our history and shaped our know-how.

1975 : CTN Group creation

The CTN Group, Création Techniques Nouvelles, was born in Issy-les-Moulineaux, and from that early time, has offered event decoration solutions.

1987 : Settling at l'Haÿ-les-Roses

CTN Group moved to l'Haÿ-les-Roses in larger premises to support its development.

1993 : CTN Benelux creation

The CTN Group creates its Belgian subsidiary, based in Kortrijk, close to the Parc des Expositions. CTN Belgium benefits from its proximity to the major Belgian flooring manufacturers and has become a benchmark in Belgium by building its reputation on local services.

1997 : CTN UK creation

CTN Group creates its subsidiary in the United Kingdom, based in Telford, near the Birmingham Exhibition Center, then in Dartford, south of London. With its own delivery fleet, CTN UK is quickly becoming a key player in the United Kingdom and is developing its presence throughout the territory and the installation service.

1998 : Bâches de France acquisition

The CTN Group acquires Bâches de France, a specialist in tarpaulin and building sites protection.

1999 : CTN Group is moving to Orly

CTN Group moved to Orly, its current headquarter, close to Paris and the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center and has a logistics platform of more than 5,000 m².

2000 : Creation of the Fashion Division

The CTN Group founded the window mannequin’s activity in France and Belgium,

2008 : Acquisition of Like Mirror

The CTN Group acquires Like Mirror, a specialist in non-glass mirrors and holder of a patent for lightweight mirrors.

2008 : Takeover of the ElKarton business

CTN France is acquiring an additional activity in cardboard, with applications in the field of POS, signage, printable and recyclable stand walls.

2008 : Acquisition of LTI

LTI, a company specialized in the event decoration solutions and in flooring solutions for buildings, based in Wissous, joins the CTN Group.

2010 : Acquisition of One Up Display

CTN UK acquires event textiles specialist One Up Display.

2015 : Acquisition of Esmery Caron

Bâches de France acquires Esmery Caron, a specialist in tarpaulins and innovative solutions in architectural membranes, in France and abroad.

2019 : Merger of LTI & CTN France

The LTI and CTN France entities are grouped together on the Orly site.

2019 : Relocation of Bâches de France to Dreux

Bâches de France settles in Dreux, on more than 5000 m², with a modernized manufacturing site, including three high-frequency welding machines, a large format digital printer and a logistics platform.

2020 : Relocation of Like Mirror and HBM France and opening of the Parisian Show-Room.

Opening of the Like Mirror and Hans Boodt Mannequins showroom, at 25 avenue de l'Opéra, in Paris.

2020 : Launch of CTN recycling

CTN France launches its CTN recycling service and offers to recycle post-event materials, with three streams: fabric, PVC flooring solutions and 100% polypropylene event carpets. This approach makes it possible to certify the recovery of these materials.

2022 : Launch of the CTN e-Commerce platform

CTN France launches its new e-Commerce platform with more than 2,000 products available 24 hours a day, for its existing and prospective customers.

Discover our companies, their expertise, and their solutions

CTN France - Events

Distributor of more than 12,000 customizable decoration solutions for all types of events.
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CTN UK - Events

Distributor, installer of more than 12,000 customizable decoration solutions for all types of events.
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CTN Benelux - Events

Distributor of more than 12,000 customizable decoration solutions for all types of events.
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Bâches de France – Textile architecture

Manufacturer of technical tarpaulins and protective nets for building sites protection, textile architecture, covers and…
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Like Mirror – Interior design

Manufacturer of ultra-light large-format mirrors for interior design, events, and the world of entertainment.
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Hans Boodt Mannequins – Visual Merchandising

Creator of tailor-made mannequins and busts, for fashion brands and fashion retailers.
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Our organization

Within the CTN Group, we gave a great importance to teamwork, to delegation of responsibilities and also to good corporate governance.
This governance is one of the pillars of our CSR (Social and Environmental Responsibility) charter and allows rapid, collective decision-making and regular measurement of the company’s performance, in a clear and transparent way, for the stakeholders.

Collective decisions

At CTN, we have built several decision-making circles: Strategic Committee, Management Committee, Operations Committee so that everyone carries out their projects and that we move forward together, leveraging the collective intelligence.

The strength of the team

We gave a great importance to simple and direct human relationships, and to the team spirit. The involvement and commitment of everyone is what guarantees the success of the team.

Share a common vision

We share our vision and our ambitions, to improve, develop and to move forward in the same direction.

The CTN Group is above made by all its employees. They are the ones who ensure the success of the company every day and ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers.
These are our employees, who together combine a long know-how and unique expertise.
The goal of this organization is that each employee owns his place in the team, in the organization to ensure the success of the whole, with the same objective. For this reason, individual responsibility is real within the Group.