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A committed group that acts for more sustainable events

We are committed to reduce our environmental impact, through several concrete actions including the measure and reduction of our carbon footprint, a 85% recyclable product offer, as well as CTN Recyclage for post event material recycling.

Our environmental commitments

As a key player on our various markets, we are committed to actively participate in reducing the environmental impact of our activity. To do this, we place at the heart of our strategy the development of sustainable solutions such as recyclable products, the implementation of recycling and second life solutions with our customers and our industrial partners.

We are committed to measure the rate of recyclable products that we put on the market and to develop recycling solutions for our customers.

We are also committed to reduce, to sort and to recover our waste resulting from our activity on our various sites.

Finally, we favour suppliers who respect our principles of sustainable and local development, in order to reduce the carbon impact of our supplies.

Our social commitments

In addition to our commitments to respect diversity, equality, inclusion, training, to promote a pleasant working atmosphere, the CTN Group is also committed to concrete societal actions.

We are a member of the association La Réserve des Arts, to promote the reuse of our products in the design sector and in art schools.

We support the Fiers et Forts association, which works to protect children in Morocco by welcoming children in situations of trauma or social distress in a safe and caring environment.

In March 2022, we transported 5 vehicles of food and basic necessities to the Ukrainian border to help Ukrainian refugees. We contribute in caring, and integrating 6 women and 6 children in France by providing them with support, housing school access and by helping them find jobs and settle more permanently.